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Discontinuation Notice
We regret having to make the decision to discontinue support for our flagship retirement analysis software - the SmartPlanner. We wish to thank our small core of supporters and users who have provided us with feedback, donations and even just appreciation for our efforts. Barring any unforeseen developments we will be ending our service on September 30, 2021.

Unfortunately the cost of developing and maintaining this unique program has not been covered by subscriptions, donations or advertising revenues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all Canadians with free access to personal financial tools that can help them make decisions that will allow them to succeed in achieving their life goals.

What’s New at MoneyPages

December 20, 2020 - A glitch in the QuickPlanner that occured when the rate of return and the inflation rate were at the same level has been fixed. Improvements to the OAS estimates have been made. The estimate now factors in years of residency and now also calculates OAS clawbacks based on the desired level retirement income

December 12, 2020 - The initial upgrade on all MoneyPages calculators has been completed. Work continues on refining the calculators and adding more features to the existing calculators.

November 28, 2020 - The Asset Allocation Tool has been refined to provide users with a more detailed breakdown of various investments in their suggested asset mix.

MoneyPages Calculators and Guides

Life Map - summarizes some of the key financial issues that you may face throughout your life. It can help you prioritize the order in which some of the various financial obligations should be addressed.

SmartPlanner – Our comprehensive retirement calculator provides you with a detailed look at what your financial future may look like. It creates a 12 page report than you can save to PDF file and print a hard copy as well.

Basic Retirement Calculator - Use our QuickPlanner to quickly estimate your retirement income plans that are summarized on a 1 page report.

Asset Allocation Tool - Use the Asset Allocation Tool to help you decide how to invest your hard earned dollars.

Life Insurance Calculator - Use this too meausure whether or not your life insurance coverage is appropriate.

Net Worth Worksheet - Assess your household assets and liablilties to determine your net worth.

CPP & OAS Optimizer - Estimate your government benefits in retirement and calculate the best age at which to begin receiving those benefits.

RRSP RRIF Converter helps you determine the amount of RRIF income you can expect to receive each year in retirement when you convert from an RRSP. It allows you to experiment with different scenarios to help you determine the option that best suits yourt situation

RRIF Withdrawal Calculator - Determine the annual income you can expect to receive from your RRIF during your retirement

Savings Growth Calculator - Calculate how your savings can grow over time.

Income Tax Calculators - Estimate your income taxes and determine the impact of RRSP contributions, dividends vs. interest, and other factors.

Mortgage Planner - Use the MortgagePlanner to create a detailed look at what it will cost you to purchase a home, including up front cash costs and monthly payments.

Property Sale Calculator - Calculate the proceeds from the sale of your property after real estate fees, paying the outstanding balance on the mortgage, paying any mortgage pre-payment penalties and other fees.

Mortgage Payment Calculator - Determine the monthly principal and interest payments on any mortgage over the term you desire.

Cost of Education Calculator - Estimate the future cost of pursuing a post secondary education with this calcualtor. Use the quick links to Canadian tuition fees to assist in your calculations.

Auto Depreciation Calculator - Estimate how the value of your vehicle declines over time and what it may be worth in the future.

RESP Calculator - Calculate how savings for your children's education can grow over time, taking into consideration your contributions as well as federal government grants.

DebtPlanner - Estimate whether the amount of debt you are carrying is acceptable and calculate the amount of addtional debt than you can carry, if any, that is appropriate.

Basic Loan Calculator - Calculate the principal and interest payments on any term loan.

Estate Planning – We have created a checklist to help you ensure that your estate planning matters are in place. It provides you with a guide on where to begin and answers some basic estate planning questions.