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Retirement Planning

MoneyPages offers an advanced retirement planning calculator (SmartPlanner) and a quick calculator (QuickPlanner) for users who want to prepare a retirement plan.

Other retirement planning tools include:

The SmartPlanner offers a comprehensive plan that provides you with detailed results including a risk analysis. It offers suggestions to overcome any shortfalls that may occur. A checklist of information required is provided to help  ensure that you can complete the input without delay. During the input process you can roll over the information icons to help understand what may be required. Default values or suggested values that you can overwrite with your own values are designed to help you with input.

The SmartPlanner is currently available at no cost and with no subscription required. There is also a subscription version available for a small fee; the only difference is that the the subscription version allows users to save files and create PDF reports that can be printed for future reference. It is the only calculator on the MoneyPages site requiring a subscription and even that is optional. It represents great value for users.

For those who aren’t quite ready to tackle a complete retirement plan, the QuickPlanner is easy to use can help you get started on the path to planning your personal finances. There is no cost or subscription required for the QuickPlanner.

The CPP & OAS Optimizer is designed to help you choose the best age at which to beging drawing benefits while the RRIF Withdrawal Calculator is designed to calculate the amount of income you can draw from your RRIF in retirement.

Disclaimer: The results produced by these calculators are based on information provided by the user and by certain assumptions. The results are believed to be accurate, but Money Pages does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. You should independently verify all results prior to making any financial decision.