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MoneyPages for Advisors

Offer your clients more.

MoneyPages is another tool you can use to help servive your clients' needs. It is designed to supplement rather than replace what you may already be using to help clients plan their financial future.

The free calculators can help you quickly answer those one-off questions a client may have. For those clients who have never had a financial plan, the SmartPlanner is an excellent way in which to introduce them to the process and can be the first step on the road to developing a comprehensive financial plan.

The SmartPlanner provides advisors with an accurate snapshot of a client’s financial situation. This is helpful when designing a personalized retirement strategy for that client. It takes only a few minutes to complete and provides output that is easy for both the advisor and client to understand.

As with Money Pages for Individuals, the advisor version allows the user to save retirement plans and retrieve them later for updates.

Increase your exposure and improve your productivity with adding your profile to our database with your subscription. It provides you with cost effective advertising and a useful retirement planning tool in one convenient package.

Introductory offer

For a limited time we are offering the SmartPlanner at no cost. No subscription is required. It is a fully functional version with the only limitation being you won't be able to store your data or print a PDF report. You will, however, be able to view all your results online.

Demon Version

When the introductory offer expires you will still be able to try the SmartPlanner. Money Pages makes it easy and you can test the Demo Version of the Smart Planner at no cost to see if it meets your needs.

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