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Post-secondary education is not limited to attaining a university degree. Accredited technical schools provide outstanding educational opportunities in such areas as the trades and health care.

Regardless of whether you are pursuing a recognized designation from a technical school or a degree from a university, a post-secondary education is a tremendous asset when pursuing a career. Continued globalization and the developments of entire new industries have made it imperative for Canadians to undertake advanced education in order to remain competitive in the labour market.

Studies have also shown that people who attend post-secondary institutions are more likely to have higher levels of life satisfaction, live healthier lives and tend to be more actively involved in their community.

However there is still a significant number of youth that will decide to drop out of school, or choose not to continue after receiving their high school diploma. As well as financial challenges, there are a number of social issues that result in some not pursuing a post-secondary education. The encouragement and support of the student’s family is one of the major social issues.

The financial issues can be partially offset by student loans and the establishment of a Registered Educational Savings Plan (RESP) by those families who can afford to help. Use our RESP calculator to estimate the growth in savings you could realize and the government grants that you may be eligible for.

For more details on Registered Educational Savings Plans check our RESP Information Page.

The challenge is to remain focused on the long term benefits of forgoing a career right of high school and working towards an education, an education that will provide you with job satisfaction, financial security and the other benefits you will be able to enjoy during your life.