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Mortgage Rate Comparison

Fixed Rate Closed Mortgages
Posted Rates*
September 20, 2017
Financial Institution**One yearTwo yearThree yearFour yearFive year
Bank of Montreal3.09%3.19%3.59%4.09%4.84%
Bank of Nova Scotia3.49%3.09%3.54%3.89%4.84%
Canadian Western Bank3.12%3.03%3.45%3.97%4.64%
HSBC Canada3.14%3.14%3.39%4.09%4.64%
Laurentian Bank3.14%3.04%3.39%3.89%4.84%
National Bank of Canada3.14%3.04%3.39%3.89%4.84%
Royal Bank of Canada3.14%3.19%3.8%4.54%4.79%
Toronto Dominion Bank3.04%2.84%3.44%3.89%4.64%

*For rates specific to your province or city and other options including open mortgages, variable rate mortgages and mortgage specials refer to the website of the appropriate financial institution by clicking on the logo

**For rates from other providers check http://www.lowestrates.ca/