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About Us

MoneyPages was developed in response to feedback from individual users and financial advisors. Both groups were frustrated by the lack of tools and other resources available for retirement planning.

While information is plentiful with regard to investing, using those ideas without a plan doesn’t allow you to measure your progress.

The SmartPlanner retirement planner was developed by Michael Trask who holds a BA from the University of Manitoba with a minor in economics.  He is a former officer in the Canadian Army and in the Naval Reserves. Mike has completed the Canadian Securities Course and was registered as a financial advisor for a major Canadian firm.

In its initial stages MoneyPages offered software that provided simple retirement projections.  Over time features were added to make the software into a tool that could be used for more advanced planning purposes.

MoneyPages and the SmartPlanner continue to evolve based on user feedback.

Along with its retirement planning software, Money Pages has added more calculators and resources designed to give users valuable tools.

The goal of MoneyPages is to be the first choice for Canadians who seek information about their personal finances. It allows them to build a retirement plan by providing an easy to use software.

MoneyPages believes in the value of advice and our goals is to provide a listing of financial advisors who serve the needs of investors in their area.

The SmartPlanner is designed to fill a void. Simple calculators don’t always provide the answers you need and complex financial plans often come with a big price tag. It is designed for Canadians, taking into account our unique government benefits, retirement savings plans, tax rates and other factors.

MoneyPages does not provide advice on the merits of various investments. We believe that after you have developed your plan, you can seek out the investment advice and strategies that suit your plan.

Over time your situation will change, economic conditions change and markets change. In other words, investing is a dynamic process. It is beyond the scope of retirement planning software to suggest individual investments or an asset mix that will suit your needs.