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Budget & Net Worth

Tracking Your Expenses

The Personal BudgetTracker or the Household BudgetTracker are tools that allow you to easily monitor your monthly expnses and compare the results with the your monthly income or the guidelines you may have set up in your budget plan.

You can try the BudgetTracker for functionality without logging in but registering and logging in is required if you wish to save data and view reports. Registration is free and requires no credit card or other financial information.

Personal BudgetTracker

The Personal BudgetTracker is the simplest way for an individual or household to monitor their expenses. A monthly and annual record of your expenses is created along with charts that allow you to quickly visualize how you are spending your money

Household BudgetTracker

The Household BudgetTracker provides greater detail for those who require it. Some households prefer to monitor what each individual spends on various items where some expenses are shared (perhaps rent, food, etc.) and some are for personal use (perhaps clothing, etc.). The Household BudgetTracker can be used to track all expenses (both personal and shared) or it can be used to track only those expenses which are shared to monitor the contribution of each individual to shared expense.

MoneyPages has opted to have users input expenses manually for two reasons

  • Safety of your personal information - regardless of how many measures are put in place, granting any program automatic access to your banking and/or credit card information creates risk that your information will be compromised. With the BudgetTracker there is no sensitive financial information for hackers to access.
  • Customization - in many cases a receipt for purchase may include items from many categories such as food, household cleaning supplies, clothing, etc. By inputting the data from your receipts manually you can split the amounts from any receipt into the appropriate categories. This will give you the most accurate picture possible of your spending patterns.

By carefully monitoring your budget you can develop a strategy to commit as much money as possible to paying down debt and allocating an appropriate amount to savings. These actions will be reflected in positive results on your balance sheet.

Budget & Net Worth

Your household finances can be summarized in two categories your cash flow (personal budget) and your balance sheet (net worth). It is important to plan for and monitor these two items.

Personal Budget

When you develop a personal budget you can monitor your income and expenses. By identifying where you are spending your hard earned dollars, you can decide if adjustments can be made to your spending habits in order that you can still enjoy life today and save for the future.

You can prepare a household budget using this Budget Planner

Balance Sheet

Your balance sheet or net worth statement doesn't monitor income, it simply summarizes the value of what you own and the amount of debt that you may owe on any outstanding loans or mortgages. The difference between these two is your net worth. Hopefully it is positive and hopefully it is growing.

You can calculate your household net worth using the Net Worth Worksheet


Use all of these tools in combination to improve your personal finances.