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Budgets & Expenses

When planning your personal finances the most important first step is to create a budget. Once you identify your living expenses you can develop a strategy to improve your personal financial situation.

It can seem like a lot of work but if you take some time to develop your budget, it is easy to modify as time goes on and circumstances change.

At MoneyPages we have created a simple to tool to help you get started. You can begin using the calculator immediately or monitor your expenses for a month or two to see where the money is going before completing your budget.

With the data in place you can assess your spending habits and develop your savings plan.

Enter your expected net annual disposable income (after tax and savings goals) then enter your target expense values for the upcoming year and adjust it accordingly until you are able to establish a balanced budget.  At each month end you can compare your actual spending to these targets.

The default categories and items are suggestions only and can be over written to accommodate your personal preferences. Discipline yourself to record all spending.