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Loans & Mortgages

We are all familiar with debt. It may be in the form of a credit card balance, a personal loan for a large ticket item such as a car, a line of credit or a mortgage. As Canadians we are surrounded by debt and it is important for us to understand that debt. Sometimes debt can be helpful if used properly at other times it can be devastating.

At Money Pages we have developed a series of tools to help you calculate payments, the time it may take you to repay that debt and in some cases, such as the purchase of a home, whether it makes sense for you to assume that debt.

You can use our:

Each can help you to make the right decisions regarding your debt and whether adding more debt is viable

Our goal is to give you the financial tools you want and need. Because debt is such an important issue we welcome your suggestions regarding other calculators that you think may be useful.

Disclaimer: The results produced by these calculators are based on information provided by the user and by certain assumptions. The results are believed to be accurate, but Money Pages does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. You should independently verify all results prior to making any financial decision.