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CPP & OAS Optimizer

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For background information on the Canada Pension Plan check our blog page.

Disclaimer: The results produced by this calculator are based on information provided by the user and certain assumptions including but not limited to inflation measured by CPI, cost of living increases and other factors. For the purposes of the CPP the calculator makes the assumption that the user has earned and will continue to earn income at approximately the same rate, adjusted for inflation, as has been earned in the past 5 years.  Based on these assumption the results are believed to be accurate but MoneyPages does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. You should independently verify all results before making any financial decisions.

These government benefit calculators are designed to allow a comparative calculation of CPP and OAS benefits at the ages you choose to begin receiving benefits. The benefits are based on current government policy, your life expectancy and CPI assumptions. By using these comparisons you will be able to determine the optimum age at which to begin drawing benefits in order to maximize your lifetime benefits based on your personal circumstances.

Note: The CPP calculator takes into account the enhanced CPP benefits that are being gradually implemented over time and when fully implemented will result in significantly increased benefits for many.

The OAS calculator does not include a calculation for the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

For a more detailed and accurate method of calculating CPP benefits, entitlement to the Guaranteed Income Supplement, or a complete detailed policy on and how to apply for government benefits, go here.