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Basic Retirement Calculator

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Rate of Return

We have based our default rate of return using the suggestions provided by the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada. You can review their 2018 assumptions in this document.

Other Considerations

This calculation makes several assumptions that may differ from your individual situation. Government benefits are assumed to be taken at retirement or as soon as you are eligible after retirement. Some pension plans do not provide a guaranteed monthly income; some pension plan benefits are not indexed to  inflation. The level at which you are taxed can have a significant impact on your net income.

The median average hourly wage in Canada in April 2019 was about $22.00 which is the equivalent of $48,000 on an annual basis. Typically income requirements in retirement are less than those during working years.

We have suggested a level of retirement income based on your income in your working years. This may or may not be appropriate for your particular situation. You should choose a level of income in retirement with which you are comfortabe.

The calculation does not consider the impact taxation on your income which can vary widely from one investor to another depending on sources of income and other factors. Variability of returns is a significant factor that impacts the probability of of whether or not you will have sufficient assets to generate the level of income you desire in retirement. This calculator does not take into account the variability of returns on your investments from year to year.

This calculator should be used as a primary analysis only and a more detailed analysis of your financial situation should be undertaken. The SmartPlanner from MoneyPages can provide significantly more detail and a more accurate analyis of your retirement plans.