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Rent vs. Buy Calculator

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The single largest budget item in any family is likely that of accommodation. Therefore one of the first major financial decisions that anyone makes in their life is that of whether or not to buy a home.

Rent vs. Buy

There are typically three factors which influence our decision on whether or not to buy a home:

  • Emotional factors such as pride of ownership
  • Lifestyle or social factors such as choice of neighbourhood or proximity to schools and other amenities
  • Financial factors

The Money Pages Rent vs. Buy Calculator considers only the financial factors leaving you to weigh the emotional and social factors when making your decision.

The goal of the rent vs. buy calculator is to provide objective data that can help you decide whether purchasing a home is a good financial decision or if renting is a better choice.

It illustrates whether the common arguments such as the fear of falling behind or missing the opportunity to buy a home are valid for your situation.

This comparison can be useful for anyone who is trying to decide whether they should own or rent a property. It useful for the first time home buyer, the retiree who is looking to downsize and everyone in between.


The results produced by these calculators are based on information provided by the user and by certain assumptions. The results are believed to be accurate, but Money Pages does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. You should independently verify all results prior to making any financial decision.