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Drowning in Debt

Seeking Help for Financial Problems

The internet today is filled with blogs on how people solved their debt problems. There is some great advice in these blogs as well as examples of how the blogger solved their particular problem.

Some of them provide solid advice while others are not much more than humorous accounts of the blogger’s own experiences.

Still, they are a good place to start for someone facing debt problems. It can help make them realize that they are not the only one who has faced this adversity and if a couple of suggestions can get them back on track, fantastic!

Sometimes, however, the problems may run a little deeper. Keep in mind that every situation is unique. You may know a friend or family member who is really struggling and what worked for someone else may not work for them.

If you think debt problems are keeping them up at night and you are unsure of what advice to provide, there is still some news. Professional help is available.

Consolidated Credit

Consolidated Credit provides service to Canadians from coast to coast and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau so you know that they will be in good hands. It has been featured on CTV, Global TV, BNN and Forbes to name a few.

They can teach you how to cope with financial stress and help you develop a debt management program.

Falling behind on credit card debt is a common problem and with the interest charged by credit card companies, the problem can quickly become a big one. Dealing with credit card debt and learning how to avoid pitfalls is just one of the many areas where Consolidated Credit can help.

There are other services they provide. Developing a household budget can be an important step towards instilling self-discipline and keeping debt under control. Consolidated Credit can also help them understand their credit score and teach them how to rebuild their credit rating so that they can access credit more easily and at lower costs in the future if it makes sense to do so.

The list of services is extensive. It goes far beyond making your own coffee rather than drinking Starbucks or taking the bus rather than driving to work. If someone is drowning in debt it can take a far more serious and business-like approach.

At MoneyPages we believe that seeking professional help is a wise decision, particularly if you or somone you know are facing financial struggles.

Sign up for a consultation with Consolidated Credit and get on the path that will lead you out of the financial wilderness.


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